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What makes you different amongst other Designers?

My marketing in online sales and online team building. Generated over 6-figures in the affiliate marketing space online. Personally sponsored over 300+ members into my online organization while ranking leaderboards amongst other top industry leaders. All done with No ads. Just attraction marketing and my branding skills, of course. 

Why You?

Would you rather hire just a designer, or someone with knowledge in the online marketing space? Remember, just because it looks hot doesn't mean it's going to convert. That's where I come in at. 

What Payment Options Do You Offer?

Paypal, CashApp, major credit card & debit cards. If you are looking to purchase any of my services through CashApp, my username is "$TheBruceAlmighty".

I Have a Much BIGGER Project For You, Bruce.

Ok, no problem. Let's discuss. We can even hop on a 1 on 1 call. Shoot me an email and let's work.

What Else Do You Offer?

Photography, Film and Video editing. Check out my portfolio for more of my work. 

Who am I?

My journey started back in '07 on Myspace where I used my design skills to create Myspace Layouts for the community. Because of this (and my likable personality) I garnished a following of over 100,000+ people 😭

But with me being a kid at the time, I had no knowledge on how to convert my following into 💰-  I later got involved in Internet Marketing, learned the skill sets and went on to generating over 6 figures online using free methods.

Currently, I Create & Teach <3